Steam Irons

Ironing has to be one of the most hated house hold chores but simply has to be done for good looking clothing and so it is essential that you buy a good quality iron to care for your clothing.

This web site is all about informing you of the different types of iron and the ways that they can help you with your ironing and also to help you find the cheap deals online for each type of iron. On each page we display lots of irons from the top online shops with the cheap deals first and so this is a great way of buying a cheap iron. On the right of this page is a complete list of all of the cheap irons that we could find online and includes all brands and types of iron and so this is a very comprehensive list.

When you buy an iron online there are a few things that you need to look for and we will run through these on this page. The two important things are the type of iron and the type of sole plate that it uses:

Types of Iron

There are several types of iron with some being much better that others at removing creases from your clothing:

Dry Iron
A dry iron does not use water and so relies on heat alone to remove the creases from your clothing and is so the least effective type of iron.

Steam Iron
A steam iron applies a small amount of steam to your clothing while ironing and this makes removing creases much easier and so a steam iron comes very highly recommended.

Spray Iron
A spray iron is like a steam iron but also has a jet of steam that comes from the the front of the iron which pre-steams areas that are tough to iron.

Shot Iron
These shot irons have a blast of steam that comes directly from the plate of the iron and allows the iron to glide through any tough creases and these also usually have the spray and steam functions and so are great for the tough ironing jobs.

Steam Generator Iron
The king of all irons, these generate a constant and highly pressured supply of steam that will make short work of any ironing.

Sole Plates

The sole plate is also very important as this is in constant contact with your clothing and you want the smoothest contact possible for the best ironing results.

These aluminium plates are the most basic and are found on some cheap irons, after time they can become sticky and cause creasing in clothing as opposed to removing it and so are not a great choice.

Coated Non-Stick
These have a quality non-stick coating and so will never have problems of causing creases due to stickiness and will glide over clothing.

Stainless Steel
The stainless steel sole plates are very nice as they are very smooth and so glide over clothing and they also distribute the heat better and so make ironing easier. The stainless steel can scratch though over hard items like buttons and zips and so watch out for this if you buy a stainless steel iron.

A ceramic sole plate has all of the benefits of stainless steel but is tougher and so does not have as many problems with scratching and the ceramic plates also have a beautifully smooth contact with clothing.

So there is allot to choose from which may come as a surprise if you were just wanting to buy a simple iron. We have pages for each type and brand of iron where we list irons from the top online shops with the cheap deals first and this should help you to easily buy the right iron for you and for a cheap price!

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